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02 February 2008 @ 12:59 pm
2008-02-02 (R)  
Today was the last day that Deb would accompany us and the sweet LAB pups, but in spite of that sad fact, we still had a wonderful time with the dogs. We arrived bearing 6 pounds of meat to be given to a very sweet, emaciated newcomer - we are dubbing her "Sugar" or "SugarPuppy" until a more suiting name emerges. She is such a sweetie, curling into our laps with the awkwardness and eagerness only a puppy could exhibit.

Here's the sweetie upon arrival at LAB:

After some cuddle times, we set out on a walk with Rikki, Rocket and "Sugar" - although Rikki soon left our company to howl at the kennel - it was too cold for his taste! Rocket and Sugar walked wonderfully together. Sugar seemed to think Rocket was her mommy, and didn't want to walk ahead or behind her - only walking by Rocket would do!

Here's just a cute one of Sugar on the walk:

Next up, it was time for Giddy, Uma and Ava! Griffin, Liesl's dog was out, however, and had never returned from their morning walk, so we set out on a different route, sans Giddy, shouting for Griffin - momentarily, we all heard his bark and he came running to his Mommy with all the marks of a happy doggy who had found something really nasty to play with(including a chafed nose which meant happy digging). So, Nick jogged back and picked up the excited Giddy, and we set out on a shortish walk. At one point, all the pups found something of incredible interest and huddled around to investigate...

Winding down, it was the end of our walk, and the end of Deb's last Saturday (save for her many visits she plans to make to LAB!)

After tucking the pups away into their respective places, we said our goodbyes - Uma, for once, did not stand at the window to peer out and watch us leave. Maybe she didn't want to say goodbye?