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09 February 2008 @ 11:06 am
2008-02-09 (R)  
Nick and I set out for our first Luv-a-Bull venture without the Deb in tow. Due to our inability to dig up our camera in time, there are sadly no pictures!

The day was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was out with no chill or hint of a cold rain to come. And, oh, how green and beautiful the trails looked. When we arrived at the shelter, we could tell the dogs also felt that Spring was in the air! We let them all into the main area (save for Rocket who hasn't been introduced to Uma yet) for cuddles until we got the go-ahead from Liesl, who already had dogs out on the trail.

When we got the go ahead, it was SugarPuppy (who is sooooo cute), Rikki, Ava and Rocket. Sugar and Rikki were both offleash, and I can only coo over how cute Sugar was on the trail. She loved romping awkwardly after Rikki. She doesn't quite have recognition for her name yet, but when we called Rikki, she would come happily loping back. Next week, we will have our camera and will snap a few pictures, provided she hasn't been adopted already. Adorable!

The walk is how we could truly tell that it was Spring - the pups were all so lively and bouncy. Rocket literally sprung around at times like she thought she was a deer. At one point, Rocket found what was apparently THE best stick ever, and settled down for a good chew, taunting the others with it while saying, "Uh-uh, this is MY stick". Rikki then ran off to find the biggest stick he could, and brought it back, whereupon Ava and Sugar engaged in three-way tug-o-war while Rocket gnawed her stick very happily. This was a moment I really could have had a picture. There was Rocket laying down, and slightly elevated above her, those three sweeties. It was really cute.

When we got back to the kennel, we fed the pups (although Gideon was too excited, and obviously ready for a walk, thus uncharacteristically, he ignored food). So, we took him and Uma on a different trail, Uma offleash and romping ahead, while Giddy walked onleash. This walk felt a bit shorter, since we kept a much faster pace. There were many points of interest on the side of the trail that enthralled Giddy and Uma, who would just stare down at stumps for no obvious reason we could see. Nick's theory was that there were little dead animals that had dethawed... Eeew! Uma was such a sweetie, she kept running ahead and coming back to lick my hand before continuing with her happy romping. Cute!

Upon our return, we separated the doggies out with the help of Liesl, and then set off to pick up an 11-week old puppy pit from the local animal control shelter, which is currently overrun with pit bulls. We got there right when the office was closing for lunch, so after tagging home for a bit, we went back and met the pup to cart him back to Luv-a-Bull. What a CUTIE! The lil' guy is caught in the middle of teething, so after attempting to chew on my fingers, then my seatbelt, then my buckle, I found a toy he could gnaw on which took some of his franticness away. I had forgotten how cute and awkward young puppies can be! When we got him to LAB, we handed him over to Liesl who was also flabbergasted by this adorable black and white pup, with his black spotted pink nose. Inside LAB, he met Uma and Ava (Ava made it clear she didn't want any puppy bites or playfullness), but Uma took to him right away. Oh, the awkward playing that ensued! The pup was SO ridiculous! Romping playfully then, WHAM, faceplanting. He doesn't seem to have control of his back legs yet (they're pretty under-developed actually). He tried to run and jump up onto the couch, which sent us all into giggles since it entailed a face plant into the side of the couch... He will be adopted shortly, we're very certain, with his cute puppy antics.

And that is that, for this Saturday's Luv-a-Bull Adventure! Tune in next week for pics!