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28 August 2008 @ 11:11 pm
Forever and a Day!  
Okay, guys, it's been forever since a post from the friendly hollows of Luv-a-Bull volunteering has been seen!

News for those who enjoyed the accounts of the weekend wanderins of D, N and R with the pups from bygone days: Rikki, Uma, Sugarpuppy, Zarrio and many others have been adopted! The wonderful lady Rocket got in a fight with another dog (okay, she was on meds for heartworm, so her scent was very off, so she got ganged up on) but she is still the wonderful lady who likes to melt into peoples' laps! Her ears are just a little worse for wear!

LAB also had a visit from Cesar! (I feel this is safe to post, since it's in the Eugene Weekly - thanks Camilla!) It was an awesome visit, from all accounts, which my only regret is that I didn't get to meet the man myself!

Cesar was so impressed by the shelter, he sent one of the pitties he rescued up to us. Rakim (now Morgan) is absolutely a doll (seriously, the happy noises this dog makes will make you want to cuddle him! He's an old man, so beware of drooling)

Also, we just rescued 4 puppies from Portland who are in serious need. They were abandoned at 4 weeks, are now going on 5-6 weeks, and one of 'em has pneumonia. I'm attaching pics (sorry, I've forgotten the code to shorten everything - it really has been too long) of the new pups.

Here's a message from our Executive director re these adorable pups:
"As most of you know, “Luv-a-Bull Pit Bull Rescue” is a non-profit organization and operates with donations! If any of you are in a position to donate, I’ll be happy to send you a receipt for your taxes. Any amount would be helpful! We just took in a litter of puppies abandoned in a park in Portland. They were taken to the Multnomah County shelter up there, who contacted us. The last thing we needed was a litter of 5 week old puppies to take care of, but no other offers of help came forward, so my dear friend Annke drove all the way to the TroutDale shelter last Friday to pick up the puppies and bring them back to us!

Thankfully, they all appeared healthy, and then one of them, “Wolfgang” suddenly became very weak and was shaking and had trouble breathing. She spent the nite in the ER Vet clinic, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She is home now, and doing well, but that life-saving vet stay cost “Luv-a-Bull” $750. I could have done nothing, and she probably would have died with no treatment…I just could not make that choice. However, as you I’m sure know, taking GOOD care of dogs is expensive, and taking on the responsibility for any animal can come with some significant costs.

We saved this puppy, but we do have limited resources, so we may not be able to help the next one that comes along.

It is so difficult to have to make these choices about who we can help and who we can’t!!!!
So…what I’m getting at here, is that donations give us the opportunity to help more animals!!!
I also wanted to let you all know that donations do go DIRECTLY to vet care and food. All labor is donated from volunteers, I am not paid either, and our beautiful kennel facility is 100% paid for – So any money we get can be used directly to help the dogs themselves…food and vet care…!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 50367 Eugene Oregon 97405

They have been posted on www.petfinder.com We are taking applications. I know times are tight for everyone right now, but if you can make any kind of donation, it will go to a very good cause! Thank you!"