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luvabull's Journal

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Luv-A-Bull Rescue is dedicated not only to finding homeless bulls - and, sometimes, their non-bull buddies - permanent homes, but also to educating, being a live resource, and also being a small part of the change that hopefully someday sees there is no such thing as an "unwanted pet."

In a world where there are already more adoptable pets than there are homes for them, please remember and remind:
Spaying and neutering saves lives!

*** NOTE ***
If you have specific questions about the dogs, are interested in adopting one, or want to know more about Luv-A-Bull, please visit http://luv-a-bull.org and contact Luv-A-Bull directly! We volunteer a couple of hours a week with the dogs and maintain this journal to reflect our weekly experiences only. Please see our first entry for a little background.